The second-deadliest character in the Friday the 13th movie series is Roy Burns, the killer from A New Beginning. He may only be dressed up as Jason Voorhees, but the copycat killer is no less brutal. In just one movie, Roy manages to kill nearly 20 people using a various assortment of weaponry. Despite the controversial nature of the movie's twist ending, many fans have taken to Roy over the years, and the sequel is not as criticized as it once was. Paying tribute to the movie's killer, NECA revealed at Toy Fair their all new Ultimate Roy Burns action figure, which is due to release in Q2 2019.

Of course, the included hockey mask is removable, revealing the character's face underneath. He is modeled after Dick Wieand, who played the unmasked version of the character. Most of Roy's weapons from the movie are also included as accessories, which will be especially satisfying for the sequel's biggest fans. Some of the weapons included are the spike used to impale Demon (Miguel A. Núñez Jr.) in the outhouse, the garden shears used to kill Tina (Deborah Voorhees) in the woods, the leather strap used to kill her boyfriend Eddie (John Robert Dixon), and even the road flare used in Roy's very first murder. It seems that the only thing missing here is a half-eaten chocolate bar.

When Friday the 13th: A New Beginning was filmed, director Danny Steinmann was told by Paramount producers that Jason Voorhees could not be the killer. The original intent was for the iconic movie murderer to stay dead following the events of The Final Chapter, with the series moving forward with a new killer. Steinmann found a way to still work Jason into the story by having a man wearing a hockey mask slaughtering a bunch of teenagers, but the twist ending revealed him to be a local paramedic named Roy Burns. The film's epilogue then set up another sequel where Tommy could be the new killer, heavily traumatized by the events of the previous movies.

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As we all know now, fans didn't take too kindly to Jason Voorhees being written out of the franchise. Even if it meant literally bringing the character back from the dead with a bolt of lightning, people were happy to see Jason back on the big screen to kill people in horrific ways once again. As an unkillable zombie, Jason would then go on to murder people in many more movie sequels. Still, there's a certain charm to A New Beginning, and even if some fans can't accept the idea of a copycat killer wearing Jason's mask, others have come to fully embrace the movie for what it is.

The Roy figure stands at 7" tall and has 25 points of articulation. Like other NECA releases, the figure comes in a window box featuring the movie's poster art, complete with an opening flap. He is just one of many awesome reveals to come out of Toy Fair. For big Friday the 13th fans, however, this one is certainly among the most exciting. This information comes to us from NECA.

Roy Burns NECA action figure
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