Microbrews are all the rage in the booze community, but every once in a while something truly special and unique comes along. Such is the case with Roger Krzeminski's special creation. Dubbed Camp Crystal Lake American Red Ale, he brewed a batch of beer using water from the Camp Crystal Lake in New Jersey. This seems like a dream come true for Friday the 13th fans who enjoy a beer now and again.

Roger Krzeminski was lucky enough to pay a visit to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, New Jersey recently. The camp served as Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th and has since become a horror mecca of sorts. Occasionally, the camp provides tours to fans and Krzeminski was selected. Whilst there, he had an interesting idea.

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"I asked at camp if I could take a few gallons of Crystal Lake water to make beer since I'm an avid homebrewer. I figured how cool would it be to make beer......from actual Crystal Lake water!?"

And that's precisely what he did. Unfortunately, the beer won't be made readily available, since it was made using just a few gallons of water. But still, the fact that this stuff exists at all is pretty incredible. Roger Krzeminski was kind enough to reveal a bit of his process for making the beer though.

"A standard batch of beer is 5 gallons which gives you 54 beers. I use 7 gallons because there is a considerable amount of evaporation when you boil the wort (beer juice if you will) for 1 hour. I came out with 52 bottles as I did lose a little additional volume in the filter/sanitize process."

Various breweries around the country have dabbled with Friday the 13th themed beer before. But none of them have had the distinction of using distilled water from the real-life stomping grounds of Jason Voorhees. Speaking further, Roger Krzeminski explained what he hopes will come of this fun little experiment.

"These are purely for personal consumption and gifts for friends/family. I'm not selling these or anything of that sort. If I am fortunate enough to be invited back to camp by the generous folks at Crystal Lake Tours (CLT), I would be thrilled to get the opportunity to make more. At the end of the day, this project of mine would have never left the ground if it weren't for the generosity and goodwill of the people at CLT.

If anything were to come of this, I'd truly love for the outcome to be more people directed to the website and buy souvenirs, tour tickets or merchandise to support the camp and to keep 'Camp Crystal Lake' thriving so future fans and scouts can still see this place and enjoy the experiences as much as I really have."

So, odds are, this stuff is never going to hit the market, but it's neat to know it was able to happen at all. Even if it is just once. Especially considering it may be a while before we see Jason on the big screen again, given all of the legal woes with the franchise rights currently. Fans have to take what they can get. This news comes to us via Bloody Disgusting.

Friday the 13th American Red Ale