Every Friday the 13th movie ever will all be included as part of a stacked new Blu-ray set from Shout! Factory, and every Jason Voorhees fan is definitely going to want this. As revealed today by Shout! Factory, a new Deluxe Edition Blu-ray set containing all twelve movies in the series along with many exclusive new bonus features will be arriving this fall just in time for the Halloween season. The set will be released on Oct. 13, 2020, but no, that doesn't happen to fall on a Friday this year.

According to the official listing on the Shout! Factory website, the new set will come with tons of new bonus features in addition to the exclusive new artwork. Some of the special new features include new 4K scans of many of the movies, which also includes a new 3D version of Friday the 13th Part 3. Several new interviews with major franchise stars will also be included, and there will also be new audio commentaries for A New Beginning, Jason Lives, Jason X, and Jason Goes to Hell. Additionally, the anticipated Unrated Version of Jason Goes to Hell will also be getting a new scan for the release.

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It's rare for all twelve Friday the 13th and Jason movies to be included on one set, as only one Blu-ray has previously been released to contain every installment of the franchise. Released in 2013, the set had went out of print long ago, and even used copies of the Blu-ray collection are currently listed at close to $400 bucks online. For those fans who missed that release and have been waiting with fingers crossed for a new release, this news must certainly be pretty exciting. On the Shout! Factory website, the new Blu-ray set is currently listed at $159.98.

More recently, a new Friday the 13th Blu-ray collection was released, but this one only included the first eight movies from Paramount Pictures. Beginning with the ninth movie, the franchise had moved its home to New Line to release the sequels Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X along with the crossover movie Freddy vs. Jason. Platinum Dunes would also team up with New Line to develop the 2009 reboot, the twelfth and final (as of now) entry in the Friday the 13th series.

At this time, the best Friday the 13th fans can do is revisit the original twelve movies in the series, as it doesn't look like we're going to see any new sequels anytime soon. The rights to the franchise are still being sorted out in what seems to be a never-ending legal battle, and there's still no indication as to when a final ruling can be made so the franchise can move forward. Jason Voorhees could still be years away from slashing his way back into theaters, and while it's not the same as a new movie, an awesome new Blu-ray set of all the prior movies will help to hold fans over in the meantime.

To check out the artwork and to read more information about the release of the new Friday the 13th collection Blu-ray set, you can visit the Shout! Factory website.

Friday the 13th Collection Deluxe Edition Blu Ray Set