Jason Voorhees has cancelled his Friday the 13th activities amid the coronavirus outbreak in a series of amusing images posted online. Due to the rapid spread of the dangerous disease across the world, seemingly everything has been cancelled in the United States over the past several days, from schools and colleges to the NBA, Disney World, and the E3 gaming expo. Many states are also banning mass gatherings and encouraging social distancing, and with the 13th of this month falling on a Friday, it would appear Friday the 13th has been cancelled as well.

Using action figures and toy microphones, Japanese user @suekichiii first posted an image of what appears to be Jason delivering bad news at a press conference. Translated from Japanese to English, the caption reads, "This month's 'Friday the 13th' has been banned." A second image shows Freddy Krueger consoling a distraught Jason, who weeps from behind his mask about missing out on his big day. A third image, where Jason "decides to work from home," shows the masked killer working on a computer with a couple of his horror pals in the background. A final photo has him walking on a beach with Sadako as he looks ahead to November's Friday the 13th.

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We are now in the longest period of time we've ever been in between Friday the 13th movies, as the last installment was released over a decade ago in 2009. Considering how many horror fans regularly celebrate the franchise on every real-life Friday the 13th, it's clear that the series remains just as popular as ever and fans are eager to see Jason Voorhees finally return to the big screen some day. In the meantime, fan filmmakers are doing their part in raising Jason's body count by featuring him in fan-made movies, such as the upcoming winter-set fan film Never Hike in the Snow.

The coronavirus pandemic claimed its most famous names yet this week when Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson revealed they'd contracted COVID-19 while working on pre-production for a movie in Australia. This news joins reports of many major movie and television productions shutting down to protect the safety of their own talent and crew members. The contagion has greatly affected the releases of several anticipated movies as well, which includes the theatrical delays of A Quiet Place Part II and Fast and Furious 9. No offense to Jason, but this thing is kind of like a real-life horror movie and much scarier than Friday the 13th.

These entertaining photos bring about a rare moment of levity into what's overall an absolutely terrible situation. What's important is that our world leaders are taking the problem very seriously and taking great measures to keep the virus quarantined. Stay safe out there, everyone, and abide by the CDC's recommendations of practicing cleanliness, social distancing, and staying home as much as possible. The series of photos of Jason banning this month's Friday the 13th comes from @suekichiii on Twitter, and you can look at each of the images below.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick