In May of this year, scuba diver Zachary Nagy placed a Jason Voorhees statue out the bottom of Arizona's Lake Pleasant as a marker and to celebrate the star of the Friday the 13th franchise. Video of the eerie statue, which took Nagy weeks to construct, started to spread online and found its way to the Arizona Reddit community, and some members were not excited by what they saw, including David Jordan, Lake Pleasant's Regional Park supervisor. Since then, plans have been made for an underwater cleanup to remove the Voorhees statue.

The Jason Voorhees statue isn't the only thing welcoming divers to Lake Pleasant. There's also a card table and chairs set up with skeletons playing poker, complete with waterproof cards. Christmas trees and even a Volkswagen are also present at the bottom of the lake, though nobody is taking credit for the car. As for why the markers are placed, Zachary Nagy says that it's a right of passage after divers get certified in the area, and notes that nearly everybody in the Arizona diving community is well aware of the markers, including the Friday the 13th statue.

It looks like most of the markers, including the Jason Voorhees statue, will be removed by Park officials within the next few weeks. Lake Pleasant Regional Park supervisor David Jordan called the Friday the 13th statue "disheartening," but could still find some humor in the situation. However, Jordan declares that it's his duty "to maintain clean facilities for people to enjoy," which sadly means that the statue must go, along with the other markers that have been placed by scuba divers over the years.

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Before the announcement was made that they were going to remove the Friday the 13th statue from Lake Pleasant, Zachary Nagy revealed that they had planned to make some more statues to put down there. While Nagy claims that he came up with the idea on his own, there has been a Jason Voorhees statue at the bottom of a Minnesota state-owned mine pit called Louise since 2015. The elder statue has much more detail and is placed at 120 feet, so that only experienced divers can see the tribute.

The Minnesota location is about to get a Freddy Krueger statue to join Jason Voorhees, but Lake Pleasant won't be having such luck. Lake Pleasant is a pretty massive lake, which fluctuates up to 10,000 acres and leaves a lot of room to continue to place hidden markers. The Park representatives will consider the diving markers to be litter and the perpetrators could be guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor or evicted from the park. It seems that scuba diving horror enthusiasts just can't catch a break these days. The removal of the Friday the 13th statue news was first reported by AZ Central.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick