Corey Feldman has teased that the end of the Friday the 13th legal battle is imminent, and he wants the next movie to bring him back for another battle against Jason Voorhees. In Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, Feldman starred as Tommy Jarvis, a 12-year-old boy who ends up hacking Jason to death with a machete in the finale. An older version of Tommy would appear in the next two sequels, but with John Shepherd and Thom Mathews taking over the role.

For many years, Corey Feldman has wanted to reprise the role of Tommy Jarvis for a Friday the 13th legacy sequel. The biggest roadblock standing in the way of that project is the seemingly never-ending legal battle over the franchise. Original Friday the 13th producer and director, Sean Cunningham, asserts that screenwriter, Victor Miller, is not entitled to any of the Friday the 13th profits, and though a judge ruled in Miller's favor in 2018, Cunningham's legal team appealed. The pandemic only further delayed a final ruling, and there's still no end in sight.

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In a new exclusive interview with Movieweb, Feldman addressed the state of the Friday the 13th franchise. When discussing potential legacy sequels to his past movies, the former child star said a new Friday the 13th sequel with Tommy's return is what he would be most interested in. Feldman also adds that he was told by a lawyer that the rights issues have been worked out, suggesting that an agreement may have finally been reached.

"I think if we do any reboots, the reboot should be the Tommy vs. Jason reboot. Interestingly enough, some guy came up to me at a party, this is true, two weeks ago, and said he has resolved the rights issues. He's a lawyer, and he has resolved the rights issues around Friday the 13th, and that things are working out, and now they'll be able to start making Friday the 13th movies again."

Feldman says he can't say who it was that told him, but if the door is opening back up for Friday the 13th to continue, the actor will be ready for it. As Feldman tells us, he had previously collaborated with The Final Chapter screenwriter Barney Cohen to flesh out treatment for Tommy vs. Jason with Feldman reprising the role of Tommy Jarvis. He says he even met with Platinum Dunes about making that movie before the studio passed in favor of the 2009 reboot, a decision Feldman says left him feeling "screwed."

"Let's just hope they don't make it like they did the last one, because that was terrible. Where they messed up is they had been meeting with me about doing Tommy vs. Jason, like H20 style. That was the plan... They didn't go that route and they went and did this awful atrocity of a reboot instead and look what you got... Not to talk badly about Platinum Dunes, but I had met with them prior to making that movie and they had promised me that they were going to use me and bring Tommy Jarvis back in the version that they had originally planned to make, and then that all got scratched for that ridiculous whatever-it-was."

Looking at Halloween, Corey Feldman points out how Jamie Lee Curtis has returned in many Halloween legacy sequels in varying timelines, some where she's dead and some where she isn't. He then stresses how all he wants is "just one" sequel with an older Tommy Jarvis battling Jason Voorhees once again.

"If they were doing things the right way and they were listening to what the fans really want, and they had their ear to the ground and the pulse of what's going on in pop culture society, what they should do is revamp the idea of bringing tommy back [40] years later to go up against his nemesis the same way they did with Jamie Lee Curtis and the Halloween reboot. Now, of course they've taken that idea and redone that five different ways... Well, all we're asking for is one, one Tommy vs. Jason sequel. That's all we're asking for."

The idea of a team up movie with Tommy Jarvis and the other survivors of the series had also been pitched to Feldman at one point. It's an interesting idea, though Feldman still feels that bringing back the whole gang would be a bit much, adding that Tommy Jarvis --- who appeared as the protagonist in more movies than any other character in the series --- would be enough for the potential sequel to work. Referring to the treatment written with Barney Cohen, Feldman concludes with a suggestion that the Tommy vs. Jason discussions should begin again if the legal battle is really over, as he's been told.

"There's been the idea that every survivor from every Jason movie should get together and have Tommy guide them through this one last adventure against Jason. That was an idea that I had been told a while back, which is okay. I think even that's a little bit hokey. I don't think you need all that. Me and the original writer of The Final Chapter, Barney Cohen, had gotten together and fleshed out a treatment for Tommy vs. Jason and we were pitching it to Paramount and New Line about 6-7 years ago, but it just never went forward because of all the tie-up and all the legal litigation stuff going on. But that's it, if that stuff is truly over, then maybe it's time to revisit that conversation."

Feldman isn't the only Friday the 13th star interested in making another movie. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives writer-director, Tommy McLoughlin, has penned a screenplay for a sequel called, Jason Never Dies, with the hopes that he'll be the one hired to make the next installment. The writers of the 2009 reboot, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, also have an idea in mind for a winter-set sequel. Meanwhile, the Tommy Jarvis character continues to battle Jason Voorhees in the Never Hike Alone fan film series with Jason Lives actor, Thom Mathews, reprising the role.

Time will tell if Tommy vs. Jason ever happens, but Friday the 13th fans will always appreciate Feldman's turn as Tommy in The Final Chapter.