A brand new Friday the 13th Blu-ray box set is in the works and looks to be coming our way this summer. Unlike what other options horror fans have out there right now, this is a comprehensive set that will include every single entry in the franchise, in addition to new bonus features being put together specifically for this set. Not only that, but it looks like we will be the first time Jason Goes to Hell in its unrated form will be available on Blu-ray.

While the set hasn't been formally announced by the studio or a distributor, several of those involved have let the cat out of the bag. First off, Vincent Guastaferro, who played Deputy Rick Cologne in 1986's Jason Lives, revealed that he has recorded a new commentary track for the movie, which will be part of the box set. Guastaferro had this to say in a post on Facebook.

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"Just finished doing the running commentary for the new 12 film box set being released later this summer. Did it with Thom Matthews and we piped CJ Graham in remotely."

Thom Matthews played Tommy Jarvis in Jason Lives and C.J. Graham was behind the mask as Jason Voorhees in that entry. This on its own might not be enough to confirm the release, but Jason Goes to Hell director Adam Marcus, in responding to a fan inquiry on his Facebook page, confirmed that the box set is indeed coming. Not only that, but he also revealed that the unrated version of his 1993 entry in the franchise will be part of it.

"This will be the first true unrated Blu-ray!!! With new features and awesomeness! It's gonna rock!!!"

This all makes for a significant development. For one, there are sets available right now, but the readily-available ones aren't this comprehensive. A more complete Jason Voorhees Blu-ray set was released several years back, but it has since gone out of print and has become rather expensive in the second-hand market. This new box set will, hopefully, make things more affordable. Vincent Guastaferro mentions summer for the release, but there is no word on a specific date just yet, nor is there any indication of what the price point might be.

A release like this comes at the perfect time as well. Currently, the Friday the 13th rights are tied up in an unending, messy lawsuit that has prevented further movies and other new projects from moving forward. With that, it could be a while until we see Jason back on the big screen again. So, for the time being, digging through the franchise in HD with new bonus features could be a great way to pass the time. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the box set are made available. This news was previously reported by Bloody Disgusting.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott