It sounds like the long-gestating Friday the 13th reboot is going directly back to its 80s roots. Literally. There has been talk that this second remake of the popular horror franchise is a period piece set in the 80s. Over the weekend at WonderCon, while promoting his upcoming sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, producer Andrew Form confirmed that the movie is a period piece. But he wouldn't specify which era the movie takes place in. He also, once again, reiterated that this new take on the Jason Voorhees mythos will definitely not be a found footage thriller.

"There is truth that this is period. And NOT found footage."
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The original Friday the 13th arrived in 1980, with many of the sequels arriving throughout the decade. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan was the final 80s set movie. The ninth movie, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, was released in 1993. It was followed by Jason X in 2002 and Freddy vs. Jason the following year in 2003. The first remake arrived in 2009, and landed with indifference amongst fans who thought it wasn't good or bad enough to warrant much attention, or a direct sequel. While the second reboot has been long in coming, it currently has a January, 2017 release date. Andrew Form teases that shooting will start soon.

"I can tell you I believe there will be a set visit for everybody soon."

Though, he failed to offer any real story details. It isn't clear if this is being set up as a direct sequel to the original Friday the 13th set in 1980. Or if it is a straight up remake of that film. The movie has gone through many changes over the last couple of years. It was originally supposed to be a found footage thriller set against a snowy landscape. Then it wasn't going to focus on Jason at all, instead introducing a new villain. Fans didn't like that noise, so the producers decided it would be a Jason movie.

David Bruckner, who directed the recent indie horror hit Southbound and contributed to The Signal, was set to helm the remake before dropping out this past December. Aaron Guzikowski is currently aboard as the writer. His screenplay has been described as Dazed and Confused meets Jason, a genuine last day of school coming of age story that sets a serial killer loose during a party. It sounds like that may still be the direction this is headed. About having the writer attached to the project, Form had this to say.

"We're so lucky to have Aaron Guzikowski writing, who is a fan of the franchise. He's come up with an amazing story and we can't wait to make this one."

Right now, the movie is aiming to keep its January 13, 2017 release date. So, yes, it will be released on a Friday! Though, if it gets delayed again, it would then be released in time for Halloween on October 13, 2017. What do you think? Are you excited by the idea of Jason returning to the 80s? Or is this one character that should stay in step with the times and not rely on nostalgia? Sound off in the comments below.