It may be a little hard to believe, but the last time Jason Vorhees graced the big screen was in 2009's Friday the 13th reboot. The movie did well enough financially that New Line was working on a sequel that has since been scrapped. Now, screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have revealed what the title for their sequel would have been and it's enough to make any horror fan very curious.

This Friday is Friday the 13th, so Damian Shannon and Mark Swift wanted to honor the occasion by posting the cover page to their sequel script. The cover page reveals that the title for the movie would have been Friday The 13th: Camp Blood - The Death Of Jason Voorhees. That is a massive deal for a couple of reasons. For one, "camp blood" is a reference to the working title for the original movie, which was Friday the 13th: A Long Night at Camp Blood. But most notably, the title teases that they were going to kill Jason in the movie. That's monumental. Well, kind of. The movies have killed him more than once. Maybe it isn't the deal isn't so massive or monumental. Here's what the duo had to say about the script page in their tweet.

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"It's Friday13th week! Will try to post new fun stuff. Here's cover to our unmade sequel with never before published title. RT if you like!"

While replying to fans who had questions about this tweet, the duo also revealed that the sequel would have taken place in the dead of a snowy winter. That would have been a first for the Friday the 13th franchise. So, not only would Shannon and Swift have boldly promised to kill Jason Voorhees in the sequel to the Friday the 13th remake, but we would have seen some blood-soaked snow to top it all off.

Even though the remake wasn't all that well received at the time, the movie made $91 million worldwide. Yet, somehow, the sequel never happened. Knowing the title would be Friday The 13th: Camp Blood - The Death Of Jason Voorhees is easily enough to get many fans excited about the prospect of seeing this movie someday. Shannon and Swift also revealed that, even though it doesn't look great, they do hope to make the movie someday.

"It's tricky. We posted pgs one year and got a very serious letter from NLC lawyers. Also, I still wanna make this and don't want it spoiled!"

Unfortunately, for the time being, the Friday the 13th reboot has been scrapped entirely. Earlier this year, the movie was totally taken off the release schedule, despite reports that the movie was very near production. It's very unlikely that this direct sequel would ever happen now, since it's been so long, but there's no doubt a lot of horror fans would probably love to see what Friday The 13th: Camp Blood - The Death Of Jason Voorhees. Might look like. You can check out the script page, courtesy of Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, for yourself below.