Back in May, Gun Media released their new Friday the 13th video game, and since then, the video game company has been rolling out a number of updates. Today, Gun Media released the first look at the Virtual Cabin 2.0 update with a new video, but it isn't ultimately clear when this new Virtual Cabin 2.0 will be available on the Friday the 13th video game. Here's part of the Gun Media team's statement about this new Virtual Cabin below.

"Some of you have seen the countless videos online of people playing the The Virtual Cabin 1.0 in the past. We built the first version of the Virtual Cabin as an add-on to our Kickstarter campaign. It was a pretty straight forward experience with a few puzzles and Easter Eggs. Hardcore fans seemed to really enjoy it, so we decided to go back to the drawing board and completely revamp it."
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The trailer was launched at Gun Media YouTube today, with the Gun Media team's statements debuting on The trailer showcases some of the many Easter Eggs that will be revealed that includes a number of trivia items for the Friday the 13th movies and the iconic killer Jason Voorhees. Here's the remainder of the Gun Media team's statement about Virtual Cabin 2.0.

"We redid the entire layout of the VC, made it bigger, with more puzzles, easter eggs and props from both the films and the game. VC 2.0 still has an F13 museum aspect to it, but there's something deeper, beneath the surface if you wish to dig around. We liken this experience to a certain crazy good/fun horror demo that got canceled. However we're doing our own thing, wrapped in Friday the 13th, and we think it's pretty cool. The whole experience is in 1st person and has some jump scares that you twisted people love so much. If you purchased the original VC, you will still have access to that via steam. But VC 2.0 will be accessible by all three platforms (PC, XB1 and PS4) from the main menu of the game. It will be within the Singleplayer section of the menu. Feel free to head over to our forums to read more about this and to comment with our team and community."

This game has helped fans fill the void, so to speak, since Paramount canceled the Friday the 13th remake back in February, after a disappointing box office performance from another horror reboot/sequel, Rings. It's certainly possible that this reboot may come to life once again, but there is no indication that the studio has another Friday the 13th project in active development at this time. While we wait for more on this long-awaited reboot, take a look at this trailer showcasing the Virtual Cabin 2.0 in the Friday the 13th video game.