NBC has released the first promo for it's upcoming special Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows. And it features the first footage of the much ballyhooed Friends reunion. For the first time, we get to see stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer together since the show came to an end in 2004. And it looks like they'll be getting some heavy questions while on stage.

A lot of attention is being payed to this particular reunion. And that's because these guys haven't all been in the same room together in ages. But some are certainly disappointed, because this won't be a 'true' Friends reunion. Matthew Perry was unable to participate. Instead, he will be Skyping in his participation. The actor is currently in London acting in a play.

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Another aspect of the so-called Friends reunion that is disappointing fans who've waited so long to see the cast back together is the fact that they won't be in character, but instead are gathering for a quick Q&A session as themselves. There is no restructuring of Central Perk or Monica and Chandler's iconic apartment. They will just be sitting on a couch, on a stage, in a live venue. And the event has already been pre-taped, and will not air live.

With a title like Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows, you can probably guess that the Friends reunion is just a small part of this celebration, which looks at the life and work of one of TV's most prolific directors. Stars of America's greatest comedies, like Cheers, Friends, Taxi and The Big Bang Theory, are also getting together for this one night only to honor their Director James Burrows.

Andy Cohen will be hosting the proceedings. And he will be asking the big stars provocative questions. In the clip below, he asks whether or not the Friends cast all signed contracts saying they wouldn't sleep together. We don't get the answer in this quick promo. You'll have to tune in to find out more.

James Burrows recently directed his 1,000th episode of television with the NBC midseason sitcom Crowded. He directed 15 episodes of Friends, including the pilot episode. This NBC special honoring this TV legend, who also co-created the 1980s classic Cheers, is expected to cover all facets of his legendary career. The special is being likened to that of the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special that aired last year. Check out the promo, then be sure to tune in Sunday February 21 to see the entire Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows.