Some of TV's most beloved pals might be there for you on the silver screen sooner than you think. According to Daily Mail, it seems that the wheels are in motion for a feature film based on the NBC hit series, Friends.

Inside sources for the site claim that the entire cast - Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer - will reprise their roles, "within the next 18 months." Apparently the recent box-office success of Sex and the City: The Movie inspired everyone to get on board.

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"Jennifer, Courteney and the rest of the cast are keen to reprise their roles, under the right circumstances," according to their source. "Timing and the script are really important, but now that Courteney and Jen both have production companies, they can potentially get very involved in those decisions."

Warner Bros. will produce the project and it was initially believed that Aniston was hesitant about portraying Rachel again and some thought that she might be too famous to step back into the role.

"But the truth is that Jennifer is finally willing to do it, and she'd love to work with that whole team of actors and producers again," the source said. "She says she and Courteney have already talked this summer about what they want out of a Friends movie, and if deals can be made with them, everything else can fall into place rather quickly."

We'll keep you posted as more info about this project becomes available.