Fringe executive producer Jeff Pinkner recently spoke at this year's WonderCon about making a comic book for the sci-fi series, if Fox doesn't bring the show back. The show would be following in the footsteps of Smallville, which became a comic book series after ending its 10-season run.

Here is how producer Jeff Pinkner described the comic, if it comes to fruition:

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"It would be really elaborate and we would go to town on it and make sure that everything you needed to understand about the show would be in that and pay off that way. That's our back up plan."

The producer also said that if they don't get picked up for another season, they will probably publish one special edition comic.

Fringe returns Friday, March 23 at 9 PM ET on Fox with Episode 4.15: A Short Story about Love, the first original episode in a month.