A 20-year old man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a stuffed Olaf doll in a Target department store. While the story is pretty disgusting, Frozen 2 star Josh Gad had a hilarious response to the news. Olaf is the now-iconic snowman from the Frozen franchise and many Disney fans are looking forward to the sequel hitting theaters next month. However, one man in Florida (why does it always have to be Florida?) got a little too excited about Frozen 2 and its impending arrival earlier this week.

According to St. Petersburg police, Cody Christopher Meader walked into his local Target, selected the Frozen 2 stuffed Olaf from the shelf, and placed it on the ground. He then mounted it and began "dry humping" the Disney snowman in the middle of the aisle until he completed his deed, ejaculating on the children's toy and placing it back on the shelf. Meader then decided it was time for round 2 with a giant stuffed unicorn. Josh Gad posted the story on social media and said, "Sometimes... I do not like warm hugs."

Cody Christopher Meader was detained while still in the store by police. After he was read his rights, Meander "admitted to doing 'stupid stuff' and admitted that he had 'nutted' on the Olaf stuffed animal," according to the police report. Both the Olaf and unicorn stuffed animals were removed from the Target and destroyed, according to police. Meader was charged with criminal mischief and booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor count. He was released from custody last night after posting $150 bond and his father admits that Meader has a history with acts like this, though he does not appear to have a prior criminal record.

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While the despicable act must have been horrifying to see happening within the store, it's good that witnesses saw him and were able to tell police exactly what he did, while pointing to the stuffed animals he assaulted. Thankfully, police were able to find Olaf and the unicorn to properly dispose of them away from the store before anyone attempted to purchase them. In Florida, where the property damage is valued at $200 or less, the person commits a second degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to 60 days in jail.

While the property wasn't worth a lot of money, Cody Christopher Meader's act was truly disgusting and could see some more jail time, should the judge decide to do so. Since his bail was only $150, it doesn't look like they will be throwing the book at him, even though they probably should. Regardless, Josh Gad was amused and a bit disturbed by Meader's love of the Frozen franchise and his social media followers seem to be getting a kick out of his response. You can read Josh Gad's Twitter response to the disgusting story below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick