Frozen 2 actor Josh Gad is having a bit of fun at Mark Ruffalo's expense on social media over potential spoilers for the highly anticipated sequel. Disney just dropped the first trailer and fans have been pretty happy with what they saw. However, like any good trailer, the Frozen 2 footage provides way more questions than answers and Gad, along with the rest of the cast have to keep their secrets for quite a long time now, which is something that Mark Ruffalo is all too familiar with.

Mark Ruffalo famously spoiled Infinity War well ahead of the release date in an interview. Actor Don Cheadle was also involved in said interview and has since declared that he refuses to do interviews with Ruffalo after he let it slip that everybody in the movie dies. With that firmly in his mind, Frozen 2 actor Josh Gad posted a pretty epic troll. He had this to say.

"For the next 9 months, I have to live with the fact that every Frozen 2 secret you wish to know resides in my brain. Uh-oh. Do not pull a Mark Ruffalo."

Mark Ruffalo responded to the Josh Gad tweet by asking, "Does everybody die? DM me." Ruffalo's response is obviously a nod to the time he spoiled Infinity War. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star also forgot to turn off his Facebook live stream at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere and ended up streaming the first few minutes of the movie while his phone was in his pocket. It was only audio, but Marvel Studios realized that they had a problem on their hands after the Infinity War ordeal.

Now that Avengers: Endgame is on the way, MCU fans are looking to Mark Ruffalo to accidentally spill the beans. The actor famously took a leave of absence from social media while working on the movie, but he has since gotten back into his Twitter groove. In addition to Ruffalo, Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland is also pretty notorious for spoiling MCU projects well in advance. The young actor spoiled Infinity War for an entire theater full of fans on opening night, leading to a loud and painful groan from the now-disgruntled audience.

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Frozen 2 has a lot longer to go than Avengers: Endgame, which is out at the end of April. The animated sequel doesn't hit theaters until November, which means that Josh Gad and the rest of the cast could potentially leak some spoiler between now and then. It would be the ultimate payback if Gad somehow manages to accidentally let something slip, which would allow Mark Ruffalo something to talk about for the years to come. For now, it's a race to see who will spoil Avengers: Endgame first, Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland. You can check out the epic troll below, thanks to Josh Gad's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick