The first Frozen movie was a phenomenon unlike any other upon its release, managing to bring in MCU box-office numbers to a musical about a Disney princess who takes matters into her own hands instead of waiting for the prince to rescue her. The film was endlessly debated and speculated about among fans, and now Frozen 2 has debunked one of the most popular fan theories the original film had generated regarding a potential Tarzan tie-in.

In the first film, we learn that Elsa and Anna's parents had been lost at sea while the girls were still very young. This, combined with the fact that the parents bore a striking resemblance to the parents of Disney's Tarzan character, led to the theory that Elsa and Anna's parent's ship had ventured into the African jungle and crashed onshore. There the king and queen were forced to start a new life in the wild, eventually giving birth to a baby who would go on to become Tarzan.

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It was a cool theory, and there were even a few interviews with Frozen's director where he even kind-of-almost-maybe indicated that the theory was indeed true. Disney could have leaned into this connection, bringing Tarzan into the picture for the Frozen sequel where he reunites with his sisters and all three kick butt together.

Unfortunately, Disney decided to go in a new direction. In Frozen 2, we find out that Elsa and Anna's parents were traveling into the Dark Sea, a place of mystical origin, in order to find out the reason behind Elsa's powers and how to help her control her abilities. That was where the king and queen perished, laying rest to any chance of their traveling to Africa to give birth to another Disney Hero.

While some fans might be saddened to learn about the fan theory being disproved by movie canon, Disney has found other ways to make crossovers with other franchises happen with Frozen. Memorably, Rapunzel from Tangled shows up for a royal ceremony in the first movie, indicating that she is related to Elsa and Anna. Also, the movie Wreck-it Ralph 2 brought all the Disney princesses together for a session of kicking butt and looking flawless while doing it.

The truth is, Frozen is such a giant franchise that it does not really need to tie-in with other movies in order to grab eyeballs. It is also something of a new genre within the Disney Princesses saga, with it's focus on a new kind of heroine who solves problems with her own skills and abilities, and the traditional 'True love's kiss' angle found in Disney Princess romances of yesteryear giving way to modern lessons of self-love and sisterhood.

With the new Frozen film breaking every conceivable record at the box-office, it is clear that the movie will soon develop its own devoted cult following that will go to the theaters again and again and examine every frame in the movie in minute detail and come up with fresh fan theories regarding the characters and their relations with other movies. And Disney will once again be laughing all the way to the bank on the back of all this fan devotion. This news comes from