Frozen came out back in 2013 and even though it has been a few years, it feels like the movie just came out last week. The movie has retained a rabid fan base of seemingly all ages and it is still pretty hard to avoid hearing "Let It Go" every now and again. That being the case it is no surprise at all that Disney is working on Frozen 2, but some fans may have been expecting the movie to be coming out already. Don't fear, because it is happening.

Even if nobody from the original wanted to do a Frozen sequel, it seems likely that Disney would find a way to make it happen. Frozen is not only the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, but according to Box Office Mojo, it is the ninth highest grossing movie ever. Period. With a total take of $1.27 billion worldwide, there is almost no way Disney was going to let the franchise end with a single movie.

Hollywood is very sequel obsessed at the moment and Disney is very good at cranking out a successful sequel. Looking at the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise or any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies it is easy to wonder why Frozen 2 hasn't already been released. But Disney has had a more difficult road with sequels to their original, animated movies outside of Pixar, which has definitely enjoyed massive success with sequels. Just this year Finding Dory went on to gross more than $1 billion worldwide and was the highest-grossing movie of the year domestically. But Frozen is a special case and the studio will put their resources behind making a Frozen sequel as good as possible.

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We have already seen a little bit of the potential that could exist for Frozen 2. When Frozen Forever was released last year in front of Disney's live-action Cinderella, it gave fans a taste of what they can maybe hope for when the sequel finally does arrive. All of the voice cast returned to reprise their roles in the Frozen Forever short, which made it feel authentic but also made fans even more eager to see another full-length movie.

We may not have any specific plot details or anything of that sort, but we do know that Disney has greenlit Frozen 2 and that the movie is being worked on right now. Don't worry Frozen fans, you will soon be able to return to the kingdom of Arendelle to see what Elsa, Anna and Olaf are up to. Here is everything we know about Frozen 2.

Kristen Bell Will be Back as Anna

Kristen Bell as Anna

Unless Disney were going to go the anthology route, Anna is an absolutely essential character to the Frozen franchise. So, it makes total sense that Kristen Bell will be back to reprise her role as Anna in Frozen 2. She committed to the sequel pretty early on, so it seems like she enjoyed making the movie and it wasn't as though Disney had to coax her back. Granted, if for some reason Kristen Bell hadn't wanted to return, they could have tried to recast the role of Anna, but this seems much better. Anna was the emotional center of the first Frozen and Kristen Bell was able to bring a lot to that, so fans will likely be very happy that she is coming back.

Idina Menzel Will be Back as Elsa

Idina Menzel as Elsa

While Anna may have been the one we followed during the main journey of Frozen, there is no doubt that Elsa was the character that so many people latched onto. So, it is an absolute no-brainer that Broadway star Idina Menzel will be reprising her role as Elsa in Frozen 2. She couldn't seem to "Let It Go," as it were. One of the most important parts of the first Frozen was the soundtrack. Nobody is going to deny that Kristen Bell can sing, but there is no way of replacing the powerhouse voice of Idina Menzel. Not only that, but it seems like we will get to explore her character a lot more in Frozen 2, given that she won't be burdened by her powers as much and because she and Anna are not at emotional war with one another anymore. Not only that, but in Frozen Forever, we already saw that her character is much more happy, so it will be nice to explore a happy version of Elsa in Frozen 2. No doubt, Disney Princess fans all around the world will be super excited to have Elsa back for Frozen 2.

Ryan Scott