A police wagon got stuck in the snow in front of a bar in Boston, which led to a drag queen dressed as Elsa from Disney's Frozen lending a hand to save the day. The moment was all caught on video and has since gone viral, gaining over 1 million views on social media. Many people were at the bar on Tuesday evening during this snowstorm. In the crowded bar, onlookers saw a man that many knew walk in wearing an Elsa costume.

In the video, Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle can be seen running outside, hiking up her dress, and pushing a police wagon out of a snow bank. As for the man wearing the Frozen character's dress, that was Jason Triplett, a 37-year-old attorney, who bought the costume last winter and wore it to the bar that night to surprise his friends and get a laugh. According to witnesses, when Triplett went back inside the bar, he was greeted with applause and a standing ovation. He was probably treated to some beverages as well.

Boston police Officer James Kenneally, a spokesman for the department, thanked Elsa and said, "The officers involved were especially grateful for the help and would like to thank the Elsa-impersonator for the assist." One person on social media captioned their video by saying, "Yup, that just happened, Drag Elsa just single-handedly pushed out a stuck police wagon. Only in the South End and The Gallows." Many have commented on the videos and Jason Triplett is stunned that the video became viral. He revealed that he asked a friend to record it but did not anticipate going further than the friendly group text that he had going.

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Boston was hit by its third blizzard in 10 days, which prompted Jason Triplett to pull out his Frozen dress before heading to the bar to meet friends. More than a foot of snow fell on Tuesday and the schools in the city remained closed as of today. However, a drag queen was able to warm the hearts of the city with his brave act of helping the police all by himself. It seems strange that nobody else came out to help Elsa, but she's not afraid of a little snow like most other people probably are.

In a new interview, Jason Triplett talked about his 15 minutes of fame and said that he doesn't expect people to be talking about it again after today. Although, he would like to use his newfound leverage to meet Olympic Figure Skater Adam Rippon. This video is not going away anytime soon, and it is expected to gain a lot more views over the next few days. Where was Olaf during all of this? He should have been there to help too. You can watch Frozen princess Elsa's bravery in the video below, courtesy of Chris Haynes' Facebook page.

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