Now that most of the original Full House cast is set to return for the Netflix reunion series Fuller House, we're starting to hear some exciting and unexpected casting announcements. It seems a beloved character is set to return. And he's bound to give D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) a surprise. Yes, D.J.'s first boyfriend Steve Hale is coming back! And he'll once again be played by Scott Weinger (cause, seriously, what's he doing anyway?).

The actor tweeted out the exciting casting news earlier today, touting his rerun. Steve Hale is remembered for his cool letterman jacket and his penchant for raiding the Tanner family refrigerator. Let's hope D.J. keeps it fully stocked in her new home, which she also shares with her sister Stephanie Tanner, her best friend Kimmy and their children, with both Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber reprising their roles, respectively.

While Steve Hale was considered D.J.'s 'soul mate' on the original Full House, his role here has not been reveled, and it isn't known in what capacity he is showing up. Maybe he has a cameo, or maybe he is a love interest? The actor did not further comment. Though, it is known that D.J. is a recent widow, and she wasn't married to Steve. So it's extremely doubtful that he's the father of her three children. Unless there is a big scandal brewing. But we don't see the family comedy taking that direction. It should be noted that D.J. and Steve had an on-again off-again relationship, and that aspect could very well tie into the new show.

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Candace Cameron Bure was a champion for Steve Hale's return, and was hoping it would happen, she tells USA Today. She also revealed a few tidbits, explaining that her firefighter husband died tragically during work, saving people. Though D.J. certainly loved her children's father, Candace Cameron Bure herself ranks Hale as D.J.'s top boyfriend.

Other returning characters will also have very intriguing relationships. Andrea Barber's Kimmy Gibbler, who is now living with D.J., is also a single mom. She did not end up marrying the backwards-cape wearing Dwayne, so we'll be introduced to someone new in her life. It is said that her ex-husband will be trying to rekindle the relationship. Through all of this, we'll also get to meet Danny Tanner's (Bob Saget) new wife. He did not, however, end up with Vicky.

Netflix is releasing 13 all-new episodes of Fuller House sometime in 2016. Along for the ride will be John Stamos returning as Uncle Jesse and Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone. Lori Loughlin's Rebecca (or Aunt Becky, as she is lovingly referred to) is back as well. The series began filming this week, with some of the cast sending out a series of tweets. The cast got together for their first table read on Thursday, and as you can see, they could barely contain their excitement.

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