The Good

This show is enjoyable fun for everyone and believe me, we need it.

The Bad

No extra features.

Full House: The Complete Fifth Season changes things up here as Jesse and Becky have twins, Michelle tries to set her father up with her kindergarten teacher, Joey gets a job on TV, D.J. does that right of passage every teenager dreams about: she learns to drive, and Stephanie is feeling the pangs of being the middle child. As you can see, change is really in the air, but as long as there's love to share everyone under this roof is going to be just fine. The episodes that really stood out to me were "Spellbound" in which Stephanie's true colors come out during a spelling bee, "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?" deals with a rumor being spread about D.J's kissing abilities (or lack thereof) and Danny gets an unusual comeuppance in "Bachelor of the Month."

Once again, the magic of this show makes it's mark in Full House: The Complete Fifth Season.


No extras came with this DVD.


Full Screen - Standard Version presented in a format preserving the aspect ratio of it's original television exhibition. These shows looked especially sharp in this four disc DVD set. One can still catch this show on TV and while they look good there, even though they aren't that old, it seems like they have benefitted from their DVD compression. I didn't notice any hits or other such dirt on these discs, and it was really interesting getting to juxtapose these digital episodes with their analog counterparts.


Dolby Digital - English: Stereo. I had to turn the audio on my TV about halfway up but these discs played just fine. There isn't anything that special about the audio but I don't know that you're supposed to pay too much attention to it. It's meant to help tell the story and underscore what the actors are doing on screen. Beyond that, one would have to really read deeply into this show to get anything else.


Like all the other season sets of Full House, the main cast of this show is featured on this purple and blue front cover. Everyone seems to have been glossed up a little, simply to make this box stand out more. The back cover features some images from the show, a description of what Season Five has in store for viewers, a cast list and technical specs. The four discs come stored in two slim cases which list out the episodes and provide descriptions on the fronts and backs of them. In fact, there is even a cast list in case you are unfamiliar with these characters. What more could you need?

Final Word

I really like this show. I think some people are too cynical today to appreciate it but when you watch these episodes, in all the sets I have reviewed, on screen and in the audience it's electric. So the writing and the situations may not have been as down and dirty as some people wanted them to be, for many viewers Full House is an indelible and important part of their childhood. While this show might seem very tame now, how do people account for it's popularity. Personally, I think that the writing is pretty solid and I feel that the actors always showed up. Even though people like Bob Saget, or even the Olsen Twins might be different people than what they displayed on this show, I still believe that these characters exist and I think it's great to have a show like this that offers people comfort in dealing with their world.

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