The Good

This show is light, easy and highly enjoyable.

The Bad

No extra features at all.

Full House: The Complete Fourth Season continues to chronicle the Tanner family, Cousin Jesse and Joey as they exist under one roof. However change is in the air as DJ, Stephanie and Michelle deal with growing up, and Danny, Jesse and Joey accept getting older. Whether Danny is dating a 21 year old, Jesse is arranging for his marriage to Becky or Joey is landing acting jobs, this show keeps things light and easy. The 26 episodes that make up this season are filled with fun and original moments, and if you grew up watching this show and are showing it to your kids (or you just want to stroll down memory lane), then I am sure you could do a lot worse.

My favorite episodes in this collection were "A Fish Called Martin" in which Michelle accidentally kills her goldfish, "The I.Q. Man" which shows the problems of going into business with your friends and "The Graduates" which looks at Danny's aforementioned dating choices.

Full House: The Complete Fourth Season is family fun at it's finest.


No extras came with this DVD.


Standard Version presented in a format preserving the aspect ratio of it's original television exhibition. What does this mean? Well, how you saw it on TV is basically how you're now going to see it on DVD. The colors are rich and bright and I found that this show always retained it's trademark lightness. It seems like the 26 episodes have not been compressed in a way that shows up when they are viewed.


Dolby Digital - English: Mono. There's nothing too special about the audio on this show. Not that it's bad it's just as far as situation comedies go, I don't think that we expect too much from them. As long as the jokes come across as they are intended I think that's all we can really ask. In this four disc set, everything seems to have been leveled fine.


Continuing to showcase the cast of characters, this front cover is a collage of images featuring the stars of Full House. There is a lot of green all over this cover and that motif is continued on the back. There is a succinct description of what this season has in store, two pictures that are from certain episodes and one promo shoot where one of the Olsen Twins is looking directly into the camera. Underneath that is a cast list and some technical specs. The four discs that store the episodes are housed in two slim cases, with episode descriptions written all around each cover. This economical packaging is much different than the packaging this series had when it was first released.

Final Word

As someone who is a huge fan of Full House, I begged to review Full House: The Complete Fourth Season. Sure the laughs are easy, the writing is simple and many of the scenes with the Olsen Twins are poorly performed, but you have got to love the family dynamic that this show puts across. Most of what we see on TV is goodnatured fluff, but this show had a covertness that seems to speak volumes in later viewings.

Full House: The Complete Fourth Season continues the tradition that was started by the first season I reviewed. I highly enjoyed every minute of this fourth one.

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