The year long Full House reunion continues! Today, members of the revival series cast, titled Fuller House, gathered on the porch of the resurrected Tanner home. And as you can see in the photos below, it has gotten a slight update. Not to mention a fresh coat of paint.

The Tanners have done a lot of growing up since we last left them back in the 90s. But twenty years later, their San Fransico home is looking new as ever. In anticipation of the series' Netflix debut sometime in 2016, various members of the reunited cast came together to cut the ribbon on the recently resurrected home. And you can see them below.

On hand for this ribbon cutting ceremony were Fuller House leads Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin. The pair are reprising their roles as DJ and Stephanie Tanner, respectively. They each shared photos on their personal Instagram accounts. Also participating in the fun was Dave Coulier, who plays Uncle Joey, and Andrea Barber, who returns as Kimmy Gibbler. The ceremony happened on the Warner Bros. lot, where the new episodes are being shot in front of a live studio audience. Though, in this new version, we will actually get to see some scenes taking place outside the home.

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The home that now sits on the Warner Bros. lot, awaiting a Season 2 renewal, is designed exactly like the real-life house that sits in San Francisco and was used for all the exterior shots and opening credit sequences in the original Full House. Though, this new version has been given some necessary touch-ups. It wasn't often that the original series showed the cast hanging out outside the home on location in the city, far removed from the Los Angeles sound stages were it was shot. This is what Candace Cameron Bure had to say about the Tanner home's glorious return.

"It's a Fuller House with my own full house! How fun to share the ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly finished Full House house on the WB lot with my kids Maks, Natasha and Lev. Take a tour and you can take a pic here too."

What do you think? Is this brining back a rush of memories? Are you feeling a little more nostalgic than you were just seconds ago? Or is this still a garbage show that you can't believe Netflix has decided to bring back? However you slice it, someone is excited about this, somewhere! And it's probably you!

B. Alan Orange