Paramount Pictures has issued a casting call for the upcoming comedy Fun Size from director Josh Schwartz (creator of Chuck and Gossip Girl). Maximilian Werner wrote the script, which follows a teenage girl who begrudgingly takes her younger brother out trick-or-treating on Halloween. When she accidentally loses him, she must find her little brother before anyone discovers he is missing.

Paramount is seeking actors to play two of the lead roles, Albert and Stuart. No acting experience is required, although they are looking for candidates with, "great energy and a wonderful sense of humor." Take a look at the character descriptions below.

"Albert: 8 years old, with chubby cheeks. Albert is undeniably a strange but intriguing little boy, combining childlike ways (like love of anything sugar) with unnerving adult habits (he's unbeatable on the videogame "Aggravated Assault," precocious, and is unflappable - even ingenious - in a crisis). He does not speak until the end of the movie. (LEAD)

Stuart: 16 years old. Born and raised in the United States. Stuart is of Asian, East Indian or Middle Eastern descent. Slight in build, Stuart is a kid who talks twice his size. Obsessed with sci-fi and comic books, he is the co-captain of the debate team with his best friend, Roosevelt. (LEAD)"

Audition videos must be sent via email to [email protected] and the deadline for submissions is March 1. All video files must be sent in the Quicktime format and no YouTube or Vimeo links will be considered.

CLICK HERE to download the scenes and self-taping instructions.