Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing have unveiled a new trailer for Funhouse. The upcoming horror flick is the latest feature from Jason William Lee (The Evil In Us). This time around, Lee is tackling influencer culture and modern celebrity. Based on the trailer, it appears he pulled no punches and is set to deliver a bloody, murder-filled time at the movies.

The trailer kicks off by showing us a group of C-list celebrities and influencers who are participating in an online reality competition. At first glance, it looks like the usual low-hanging fruit that can generate easy attention. But some ominous voiceover and eye-raising imagery quickly reveals that something more sinister is at the heart of this competition. Yes, these celebs are competing for a cash prize, but they are also truly fighting to stay alive. It looks to be stylistic yet horrific and brutal. This does not seem to be for the faint of heart.

The movie was written and directed by Jason William Lee. The cast includes Valter Skarsgard (Lords of Chaos), Gigi Saul Guerrero (Into the Dark: Culture Shock) and Khamisa Wilsher (Forever Christmas). Lee says that he wanted to avoid creating "a mindless torture porn spectacle." Instead, he hoped to infuse it with characters that the audience actually cares about. Here's what he had to say about it.

"For me, one of the most fascinating aspects of making Funhouse, was creating a diverse ensemble of 8 main characters, casting them and bringing them to life. While they are all exaggerated stereotypes of this new breed of fame spawned from reality television and social media, they each also each have their own personal stories that often make them the antithesis of what society has labeled them. It's very easy to hate on celebrities and even easier on those who cultivated their fame through reality television and social media, so the biggest challenge was to make these characters likable and relate-able, so that the audience actually cares if they live or die. I hope I was successful in achieving that. "

Funhouse poster

In Funhouse, a down-and-out backup singer and celebrity ex-husband Kasper is invited to compete in the Funhouse. This online 'Big Brother' style reality show offers him a chance to rebrand his image and tarnished reputation. Kasper reluctantly accepts the offer and, alng with seven other C-list celebrities, he will compete for the $5 million prize. At first, this all seems just as the name suggests, full of wild times, budding friendships, love connections and brewing rivalries. To the surprise of everyone involved, the fun quickly turns into misery when the first challenge leaves one of the contestants brutally murdered.

A poster has also been released for the movie, which comes with the tagline, "Break the internet, or it breaks you." Horror fans who are interested in checking this one out will have the chance to do so later this month, either from the comfort of home or at a movie theater. Funhouse arrives in theaters and on Demand on May 28 from Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.