Yes, we're getting a Furby movie. Bob Weinstein announced the upcoming fantasy adventure as part of an ambitious five movie slate planned for the producer's TWC-Dimension banner. While no plot details have been announced, it has been confirmed that this impending franchise starter will indeed be based on the original Hasbro toy line of the same name. Says Weinstein.

"I'm rolling the dice and playing for hits."

Bob Weinstein announced the Furby movie during an early evening presentation on Thursday in Casa De Mar at the American Film Market, where he stood before over 100 buyers. The script for the Furby movie is already completed, as are the four other projects the producer came to sell, according to Variety.

This was the first time that a Furby movie has been mentioned in regards to the impending TWC-Dimension slate, a label that is better known for its horror and dark genre movies than it is for family entertainment. Hasbro executives Stephen Davis and Josh Feldman were also on hand, revealing that the movie is indeed a 'real thing' and that it will be live-action mixed with CGI elements.

Furbys are an owl-like robotic toy that had speaking capabilities. They were released in dozens of different languages, becoming a toy phenomenon in the late 1990s. The success of Transformers and the recent Ouija sequel helped Hasbro decide to movie on a movie revolving around the strange creatures. Davis says this.

"We think that this can resonate as a four-quadrant film. It can't just by a 90-minute commercial."

At this time, the screenwriter has not been revealed. And no director is lined-up. But Feldman did joke that he's 'out to David Fincher'. TWC-Dimension hasn't had a hit since last year's Paddington, which was also a family friendly movie that swayed away from the Scream and Halloween movies the label is known for. In the past, the studio has also found much success with the Spy Kids movies. Bob Weinstein went onto discuss the direction TWC-Dimension is moving in, which will aim for more mainstream projects, while his brother Harvey targets more 'risk-taking' properties at The Weinstein Company. Bob wants to focus on bigger budgets and fewer movies. He says this.

"In the past, I was producing and releasing between seven and eight films a year and the quality suffered. Going forward, I decided on bringing my productions to three or four year at the most. I've also decided to make them bigger budgets, more director and star driven but still with the idea of creating franchises of a bigger nature."

Mark Wahlberg was also on hand, where he gave a ringing endorsement for the studio's upcoming franchise starter Six Billion Dollar Man, which has Wahlberg leading the TV-to-movie reboot adaptation. Director Lars Klevberg and producer Roy Lee promoted their upcoming thriller Polaroid about a killer camera that is in the same vein as The Ring and The Grudge.

Tim Hill gave a presentation on the upcoming Robert De Niro comedy War with Grandpa, which finds a young boy forced to move out of his bedroom as his widowed grandfather moves in. Christopher Walken and Eugene Levy also star in the movie. Finally, Anne Fletcher gave her speech about the upcoming movie Murder Mystery, which is exactly like it sounds. It follows an American couple caught up in a European murder mystery. It stars Helen Mirren, Eugenio Derbez, Colin Farrell, Jean Dujardin and Til Schweiger. Here's hoping the Furby movie can land an equally impressive cast.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange