A new Furious 7 clip shows off why this may be the best sequel in the long running series. Watch from the edge of your seat as just one minute from this 2 hour adventure proves to be more exciting than anything we've seen at the theater this year. We're treated to one very tense moment from the opening action scene, which finds Paul Walker's Brian O'Connor leaping from the front of a speeding car to attack his enemy, which he quickly throws into moving traffic.

Don't worry, Universal isn't giving away all the best moments. Even though we've already seen Dom and Brian's crew assembled in a previous clip, and the big climactic fight scene between Jason Statham and Vin Diesel revealed in another, Furious 7 will still have quite a lot to offer that has yet to be spoiled in these scenes the the studio seems to be releasing both fast and quite furiously. Reviews from the early SXSW screening promise that there are at least 7 epic action set pieces, a record for any of the previous installments in this hyper-intense series.

Furious 7 picks up exactly where Fast & Furious 6 left off, with Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian and their loved ones being hunted down by Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), brother of the recently killed Owen Shaw. The events in the movie take place right after The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, which was directed by Justin Lin, who has helmed parts 3-6. James Wan steps in for this latest sequel, and critics have praised his work, saying that he brings his own unique take on the material while keeping everything that is beloved about the series intact. That seems especially true when it comes to the crazy car stunts, some of which we can see here:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange