According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fuse is getting animated with an edgy new original cartoon series titled Empire Square, marking the first time an animated show has been introduced on the music-centric network.

Square revolves around three foul-mouthed characters -- Rabbit, Hooks and a Tourette's-afflicted wannabe rock star named Richie -- who have a taste for bizarre get-rich-quick schemes and ever-elusive music superstardom and also have a thing for offering up biting social commentary. The show is based on a series of British TV shorts co-created by Dave Rowntree, drummer for the British pop-rock band Blur, along with Ant Cauchi and Lloyd Salmons. It originally was intended to showcase the characters via mobile-based technology but caught the attention of Britain's Channel 4, which then commissioned a series of three-minute episodes that began airing early this year.