Futurama Volume 5 is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on December 21. These two-disc sets will both include 13 episodes of the series and the DVD set will cost $39.98 SRP while the BD set will be priced at $49.99 SRP. You can take a look at the cover art and special features below:

Futurama Volume 5 DVD artwork
Futurama Volume 5 Blu-ray artwork
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We're back in business! Planet Express is now delivering Futurama Volume 5 to terrestrial locations beginning December 21, 2010 just in time for the holidays! The Simpsons genius, Matt Groening, placed a large order of these shiny discs featuring the animated series truly light-years-ahead-of-its-time! Join my friends Fry, Bender, Leela and the rest of the gang for 13 hilarious new episodes that tackle some of the most controversial subjects in the galaxy...including evolution, mind exchange, feline intelligence and even robosexual marriage. Bender believes it can happen!

Special Features:

  • Audio commentaries
  • - "Bend it Like Bender" featurette
  • - "Previously On..." featurette
  • - "Fry's Crudely-Drawn Comic Book - The Crudely Animated Edition" featurette
  • - "Behind the Fungus: Makin' a Hit Song" featurette