Dawn Of The Dead: The remake filmmakers recently spoke with CNN about the upcoming remake of the horror classic:

"The story benefits from a larger canvas, and the fact that malls have changed so much," said rights controller Richard P. Rubinstein, who produced the original, "There are all kinds of things we can use, down to the food courts. George did a lot with a pedestrian mall in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, where the only real highlight was a hockey rink."

Kill Bill: The official Japanese site has embedded some hidden features into the layout of the site, according to a reader at Coming Soon!:

The official site, located here, allows you to both click and type a set amount of times. The clicking eventually brings up the poster for the film, while the typing has some more features. Try typing in 'KILLBILL' or 'STORY' and see what happens.

Try it out! CLICK HERE

View From The Top: Thanks to our friends at LatinoReview, we've got the one sheet for the Gwyneth Paltrow / Christina Applegate comedy! CLICK HERE

Ned Kelly: The official site has added a feature called "Ask The Director". Includes video interviews and more. CLICK HERE

The Alamo: The first photo of Billy Bob Throton inThe Alamo has shown up online, thanks to USA Today. CLICK HERE

Big Fish:The Montgomery Advertiser has gone crazy with photos and set reports from Tim Burton's upcoming film, Big Fish. Check it all out. CLICK HERE

The Last Samurai:Nine MSN reports that the film has been hit with a gigantic tax bill for the production. Read the entire article. CLICK HERE

Frankenstein: A reader over at Dark Horizons has sent in a scoop about a possible futuristic Frankenstein movie? Here's what she had to say:

"I'm a senior at UC Berkeley, California, taking a film class which features weekly visits by industry people. Twenty minutes ago, I got out of one of these classes, in which Lynn Hershman Leeson, director of "Conceiving Ada" and last year's Sundance hit "Teknolust," told us that by the end of this year, she'll be filming a (possibly futuristic, as is her style) version of "Frankenstein", with Christopher Walken attached as Victor and (in her words) "hopefully Marilyn Manson as the creature".

John Lennon: The Movie: RecentlyThe Melbourne Star talked to Eric Bana (The Hulk) about his upcoming projects. Seems the actor may star in a John Lennon biopic:

"I have spoken to a few directors in America about doing a John Lennon biopic. I have spoken to Oliver Stone and Ang Lee about it, and I am working on a script with a British writer. Really, its up to the estate of John Lennon to decide whether it will get made or not, and then one of the Hollywood studios to fund it, so I will have to brush up on a convincing Liverpool accent. The movie will center on the last 10 years of Lennons life, partly because I think it would be unwise for me to grow a mop top at my age, and because those years are generally unknown to the masses and very interesting. I hope it goes ahead because this is a dream project. This will be my Raging Bull".

Thanks to DH for the scoop.

Superman: Rumors, rumors, rumors. The casting news for who will play the next Superman is dizzying. Here's the latest from E! Online, and Jerry O'Connell's response to the latest rumor:

"Yeah, I'm definitely right in there," O'Connell tells me, over his cell phone. "There is some stiff competition, but I guarantee you I can do more push-ups than all those other guys." (As anyone who has seen Kangaroo Jack can testify.) O'Connell, who has already screen-tested for the Man of Steel, may also have an in with director Brett Ratner. You see, back at NYU, Ratner served as O'Connell's senior advisor when he was a freshman. At the very least, it makes good copy, and sometimes that matters more than you know.

"There are guys in front of me that have nominations," O'Connell says. "The only thing I've been nominated for is best attendance for physical education in junior high. Whether it happens or not, I'm in this business for the long haul. I know for a fact that I look good in blue Spandex. If it doesn't happen, Space Ghost is always an option."

James Bond 21:MI6 headquarters has gotten a scoop about the possible production for the next Bond flick. This is taken as complete rumor as of right now:

MI6 have received intel from three reliable sources that EON are targeting a December 2004 release for Bond 21. This would give the production one month longer than the filming period that "Die Another Day" encompassed.

This news contradicts statements from MGM chiefs that they want a 2005 release and another three year gap in the hope of emulating the box-office success of "Die Another Day". The flagging movie studio has been quick to distance itself from relying on the Bond franchise cash-cow after each of the last three Brosnan outings.

Movie PictureUniversal's 2003 Lineup: 'Chuck The Movie Guy' got to screen a ton of new footage from Universal's reel at Showest this past week. Coming Soon has the entire rundown of what he saw. CLICK HERE


We got a first behind the scenes look at the upcoming monster movie. It may be the biggest monster movie epic ever. They went into extensive scenes of them making and casting the outfits of Frankenstein, the Werewolf and others. We are told by director Stephen Sommers that every monster that has ever been used by Universal is featured in this movie, the drawings of the werewolf shedding his human skin look fantastic. We are also told that this is a PG-13 movie with no blood. The heads of Frankenstein are awesome and we are also told by the director that Frank's head comes completely off during the film and he just plops."

The Phantom Of The Opera: Director Joel Schumacher recently sat down with Cindy Pearlman of The Chicago Sun Times to discuss his plans for a movie version of The Phantom of The Opera:

Joel Schumacher called from Dublin, Ireland, to say he will definitely direct the movie version of "Phantom of the Opera."{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Now the haunting question: Banderas was rumored for years to have been the first choice to star. Is that still true? "Antonio is not doing this version," Schumacher told us, adding, "I haven't cast yet, but I want to go younger. Maybe Antonio was part of a past project. He was in 'Evita' and Andrew loves him, but he's not my Phantom."

Lloyd Webber asked Schumacher to direct this film 13 years ago. "Then the rights got tied up in his divorce to Sarah Brightman. After all these years, and a million things, Andrew offered it to me again." These days, Schumacher is prepping the project and thinking about casting. "Not Leo. He's a little young for Phantom, but someone young. The hard thing is that the leads have to sing and act. The other interesting element is you don't see the face under the Phantom mask. He's always in makeup. So, I could cast anyone."

As for the female lead, Schumacher says he's looking for "a beautiful young lady who can sing." Reminded that Colin Farrell, star of his upcoming film "Phone Booth," has Britney Spears' home phone number, Schumacher laughs and diplomatically says, "Um, do you think Britney fits into Paris in 1870? I think she's more of a modern girl."

Stay tuned...