FX and Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy have made a deal for a new drama called 4 oz. that will follow the metamorphosis of a married sportswriter who is a transsexual, according to Variety.

Murphy will executive produce with Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner as Pitt makes his first series foray.

Murphy, who has begun writing a pilot episode he hopes to shoot early next year, told Variety that he has mapped out a natural five-season arc for the series that also focuses on the gender-conflicted protagonist's teenage sons.

"The first season deals with the revelation of his secret," Murphy said. "In the second season, he begins dressing like a woman. The third covers the surgery, and his inherent doubts about going through with it, and by the fourth season, he's living as a woman and attempting to find love."

Murphy said 4 oz. refers to the average weight of a penis, remarkably light given the amount of havoc it creates for men.