F/X is bringing a new revolution to the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is developing a project called AR2 with Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring and The West Wing director/executive producer Thomas Schlamme.

The series will revolve around a group of Midwestern youngsters who bring forth a second American Revolution. Scheuring called the project, "'Les Miserables in modern America."

The series will be set in Michigan, where many current top American auto plants are based, and where, in the series, "corporations undermine the common man and the government is not interested in helping (the common man)," said Scheuring.

Schlamme, an American History buff, offered, "It is an analysis of what is a patriot."

"AR2" will explore how the revolting college students -- as well as the military and the law enforcement officers who oppose them -- perceive patriotism.

No production schedule was announced for the project.