FX is teaming with director Pete Berg (The Kingdom) and screenwriter Sheldon Turner (Magneto) for a dark cop drama with echoes of Heart of Darkness, according to Variety.

The untitled project revolves around two law-enforcement agents who are undercover in the world of the Russian Mafia. One is a Kurtz-like figure who's gone off the grid; the other is an NYPD officer sent in to find the potentially renegade agent.

"They're two freight trains on a collision course," said Justin Levy, VP and head of television for Film 44, the production company run by Berg and Sarah Aubrey.

Turner, who's finished a first draft of the script. Berg may direct the pilot should it be greenlit and if his schedule allows.

One twist is that the cop who's gone rogue may end up being more likable than the so-called good cop sent in to find him, Turner added.