F/X is ready to roll with two brand new dramas. According to The Hollywood Reporter, F/X has greenlit the pilots Lights Out and another untitled pilot, which is based off an Elmore Leonard short story.

Lights Out revolves around a former heavyweight boxing champion who struggles with identity issues while trying to support his wife and three children by reluctantly taking a job as a debt-collecting enforcer. He's also been diagnosed with pugilistic dementia, which will eventually lead to the loss of his memories.

Justin Zackham (The Bucket List) wrote the script with Phillip Noyce and Ross Fineman executive producing alongside Zackham.

The untitled project comes from Graham Yost, based off the Elmore Leonard short story, "Fire in the Hole." The series centers on a Kentucky U.S. Marshall named Raylan Givens, a lawman who speaks softly but carries a wild side. The series will focus on his cases and his personal life, including issues with his ex-wife and elderly father.

No production schedule was given for either pilot.