FX has given the go ahead for the musical drama, The Product.

The show will go 'behind the music' with rock writer Neil Strauss, guitarist Dave Navarro and Entourage writer Cliff Dorfman, and follow the life of a fictional dysfunctional rock band. The three wrote the pilot episode and will serve as executive produce. According to Variety,  The Product revolves around international rock icon Load as it embarks on recording its next album after not speaking to each other in at least three years. The story will have flashbacks to show the group's high times as well as the events that led to the three-year hiatus.

The Product will also have elements of the changing world of the record industry with regards to "how the few really big bands have to constantly fight to stay relevant, especially at a time when what's hot are rappers and young pop stars off of MySpace and YouTube." 

Look for The Product late spring on FX.