Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island took to Twitter to share details about their upcoming Music Festival Comedy that might have just gotten some new source material. The poorly planned Fyre Festival for the wealthy was supposed to start yesterday on a "private" island, reportedly once owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar in the Bahamas. But the event crumbled under its on weight. The VIP packages promoted in a viral campaign across social media by models and celebrities cost tens of thousands of dollars for no more than tents with mattresses and cheese slapped on bread as reported by a few Fyre Festival attendees. Headliners Blink-182 dropped out at the last minute and now the whole festival has been postponed. As more and more frustrated festival goers took to social media to vent, so did Seth Rogen and the comedy act The Lonely Island, but for a completely different reason.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Seth Rogen and Lonely Island took to Twitter yesterday evening and shared details about the film that they are making and that is in some unknown stage of development.

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Apparently Rogen (Sausage Party) and The Lonely Island (Popstar) have been working on an idea of a music festival gone wrong and the Fyre Festival appears to be stealing their idea, but in real life without the comedy. The Fyre Festival disaster has to be seen as a wonderful gift from the comedy gods to Rogen and Lonely Island. This was already a movie idea that could pretty much write itself, but c'mon.

Music festivals have always had their share of problems. From the original Woodstock in 1969 to Woodstock 1999, nothing ever seems to go as planned. Even fictional Wayne Stock from Wayne's World 2 had its problems. As the years go on, it seems that the music festival has gone on to become something that doesn't even really have much to do with music anymore. Sure, there are people that are fans of the bands playing, but overall, it seems like more of a giant nightclub during the day with overpriced water and selfies taken every 5 feet to prove that the person has been there. One can easily see why a comedy movie about music festivals is eminent, while some will wonder why it hasn't happened already.

There is currently no other information for the new film beyond the tweets of Rogen and The Lonely Island, not even a title. But one can be sure that the team behind Popstar and songs like "Just Like Sex" and "Like a Boss" might be able to come up with some hilarious anecdotes about the current state of music festivals. Throw Rogen in the mix and it's sure to be a ridiculous, over the top satire.

It might be a while before the aforementioned film comes out, as both teams are constantly busy with other projects. As recently reported Rogen is set for voiceover work for the upcoming live action Lion King along with his other production work. Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island stars in the hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While it may be awhile, it'll surely be worth the wait.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick