Fyvush Finkel, Delta Burke, and Sherri Shephard have signed on to be guest stars on the David E. Kelley romantic dramedy, The Wedding Bells on Fox.

Chris Williams has also has joined the cast as a regular; he'll star opposite KaDee Strickland, Teri Polo and Sarah Jones, the Bell sisters. The Hollywood Reporter adds they run a family-owned wedding-planning business dubbed the Wedding Palace. Williams will play the Wedding Palace's wedding singer who has dreams of musical stardom.

As far as the guest stars:

Finkel will play an elderly member of the Wedding Palace board seeking to produce weddings on the cheap in order to improve the bottom line.

Burke is the bossy, opinionated mother of the bride who bullies the Bell sisters into giving her exactly what she wants.

Sherri Shephard will appear in three episodes as the abrasive, no-nonsense assistant who keeps the brides in line with an iron tongue.

Costas Mandylor will do three episodes as the Greek head chef at the Wedding Palace who is full of life and gusto.

Matthew Settle will appear in at least two episodes as a guy hired by the board to oversee the Wedding Palace's financials.