/g-i-joe-retaliation-pushed-to-march-2013-for-3d-conversion/Last week we reported that G.I. Joe Retaliation was being pushed back to allow time for a 3D post-production conversion. Now, Paramount Pictures is stating that they actually decided to sit this summer season out after watching competing movies come up with losses. They felt that G.I. Joe Retaliation was likely to get lost in the shuffle.

A producer from the film explains the film's delay.

"They looked at the landscape and realized they couldn't compete."
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Studio chair Brad Grey and vice chair Rob Moore felt the expenses due to the delay were preferable to any possible competition with The Amazing Spider-Man.

They are also planning on adding depth to Channing Tatum's role, who was not a star when the original was made. The actor's character originally dies in this sequel, but it's now possible that his life will be spared.

Stay tuned for more news revolving G.I. Joe Retaliation.