Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms and Elizabeth Banks are joining Eddie Murphy's comedy, Starship Dave for 20th Century Fox.

Union and Helms will play crew members of a spaceship that takes the shape of a human; Banks will play Murphy's love interest. The Hollywood Reporter adds it's based on a script by Rob Greenberg and Bill Corbett, and centers on a spaceship that takes the form of a human (Murphy). It's operated by 100 human-looking, quarter-inch-tall aliens seeking a way to save their planet. Complications ensue when their captain (also played by Murphy) falls in love with an Earth woman who always picks losers to date.

Union, who plays the chief cultural officer of the miniature crew, Helms is playing the diminutive crew's uptight second-in-command, and Banks will portray Gina, a hip, downtown artist who befriends Murphy's character Dave during his time on Earth.

Shooting on Starship Dave is set to begin in the next few weeks.