The Wrap is reporting that actor Gael García Bernal is starring in a new biopic on the life of champion boxer Roberto Durán entitled Hands of Stone.

Jonathan Jakubowicz is writing and directing the movie and will also produce alongside Ben Silverman. The movie will focus both on the life of the famed boxer and also his most famous fight, the "No Mas" fight against Sugar Ray Leonard, where Roberto Durán turned his back to Sugar Ray Leonard and uttered "No Mas" ("No More"). They fought again in 1989, with Sugar Ray Leonard winning in 12 rounds. Here's what director Jonathan Jakubowicz told the site:

"Roberto Durán is not only the best lightweight of all time, he's also an inspiration for oppressed people around the world, and a legendary hero for those who believe a culture's honor can be fought in the ring."

Ben Silverman told the site the movie isn't green lit yet and it wasn't clear when production might start.