Gael García Bernal is negotiating to star alongside Matthew McConaughey in The Dallas Buyers Club for director Jean-Marc Vallée (The Young Victoria).

We reported last May that Hilary Swank was in talks to star as well, although she has since left the project. The drama is based on the true story of Ron Woodroff (Matthew McConaughey), an AIDS patient who begins smuggling alternative drugs into the U.S. to enhance treatment of the deadly disease. The Texas electrician then clashes with the Food and Drug Administration, which wants to keep these drugs out of the country. Gael García Bernal will play an effeminate member of this title group.

Craig Borten and Melissa Wallack wrote the screenplay, with Robbie Brenner, Rachel Rothman, and agent-turned-producer Nathan Ross producing. Shooting is scheduled to begin this November in New Orleans.