It seems like only yesterday that a video emerged from the murk online of Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot leading a group of celebrities in a Zoom call style recording of John Lennon's Imagine. While some took the sentiment of solidarity from the moment, many were very quick to call out the whole thing as one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the last decade, never mind the Covid Pandemic. So when the Olympics Opening Ceremony burst into full swing today, bringing in references to video games such as Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Final Fantasy and more, it was a subsequent performance of Lennon's classic hit performed by John Legend, Keith Urban and Angelique Kidjo among others, and arranged by legendary composer Hans Zimmer that saw Twitter explode with enough Gal Gadot references to see the DC actress star trending.

Although it was way back at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the headlines made by Gadot and her group of celebrity buddies recording the song in their homes and putting together a collaborative video to spread a message of togetherness have not been easily forgotten. At the time the video was mocked by some for featuring many people who just couldn't sing, and let to a whole wave of parodies and comedy takes on the performance. Now thanks to the Olympics use of the song, Gadot's video has been talked about and revisited all over again.

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"Every time someone sings Imagine, I get these horrible flashbacks of Gal Gadot & co. singing it during the early days of the pandemic," tweeted one user. This was followed by someone else who would not easily forget the original video, who said, "Because of that Gal Gadot & friends Imagine cover, I can't take that song seriously anymore. It's cursed for me." One additional tweeter went one step further to add, "this is somehow worse than when gal gadot made them do it the first time."

While it probably isn't the exact reaction the Tokyo Olympics ceremony coordinators and director were aiming for, it just goes to show that even using a long standing song of hope and possibility is in no way certain of getting its message out to the general public. To prove that point further, there were even some people who didn't realize that Gal Gadot's video was based on an existing song. How anyone can have missed hearing the John Lennon original at some point is astounding, but when music is available in many platforms and in larger volumes than ever, it seems that some of the classics are managing to slip by the current generation.

For those who prefer Gal Gadot's acting ability over her vocals, then as well as her Wonder Woman stint in Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max, she will soon be seen alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds as "the world's greatest art thief" in Red Notice on Netflix, and will appear in Kenneth Branagh's latest take on the Agatha Christie story Death on The Nile.