The Disney-Fox deal is closer to happening now than it ever has been and it appears that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already charting out spots for Galactus and Silver Surfer. Now that Comcast has dropped out of the bidding war with Disney, the deal could become a reality by this time next summer, which means that some of Fox's hottest properties will be returning home including the X-Men and Fantastic Four, which have been talked about a lot. However, news of Silver Surfer and Galactus heading to the MCU hasn't really been discussed.

The new rumor comes from a "trusted source," which could mean any number of things. But, it should be noted that this particular source has been correct many times in the past. It's been over a decade since 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which contained both Norrin Radd and the Devourer of Worlds. The new rumor suggests that Marvel Studios is looking to bring both of these characters into the upcoming Phase 4 of the MCU.

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Silver Surfer was once heavily rumored to be included in Infinity War since he is such a big part in the comics. That was obviously not the case, but fans are still holding out hope that Norrin Radd will be a part of the MCU in the near future. As for Galactus, a recent fan theory placed the character as the final Easter Egg for Guardians of the Galaxy. While director James Gunn shot the theory down, it brought up a lot of discussion as to what the villain could bring to the table after Thanos is no longer a threat. Obviously, we still have a pretty decent wait for Avengers 4, but it doesn't look like Thanos will be making it out of that one alive.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has said repeatedly that there are no current plans to bring in any of the Fox properties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, since the deal is so close to being finalized between Disney and Fox, it would seem that Feige and company have done more than their fair share of wondering how to incorporate some of these characters and Silver Surfer and Galactus are some pretty awesome choices that could be huge news for Marvel fans. Phase 4 of the MCU is going to reportedly focus on the cosmic element of the comics, which is another reason why these characters are perfect choices.

While this is exciting news, it has yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel Studios at this time. Discussions about Phase 4 won't be public news until next year's San Diego Comic-Con, which is a year away. If the Fox and Disney deal goes through, we could very well see the announcement of Silver Surfer and Galactus heading to the MCU. You can read more about the possibility of the two characters showing up in the MCU over at the Superhero Hyper Forums and judge for yourself.