Melanie Laurent steps behind the camera for Galveston, taking True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto's novel of the same name to the big screen. Laurent took on the American crime thriller because she was initially intrigued to make it from the standpoint of being a European filmmaker, and took on the challenge to make it in a French style. The film stars Ben Foster and Elle Fanning, and from the looks of the first full-length trailer, things get out of hand pretty quickly.

Ben Foster's Roy character is described as "a heavy-drinking criminal enforcer and mob hit man" in Galveston. Things go south when Roy's boss sets him up. However, Roy is able to kill his assassins before they can kill him, and then discovers Elle Fanning's Rocky character. Rocky is a young woman being held captive, and Roy decides against his better judgement to help her. They're on the run from Roy's boss and Rocky's past.

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When getting ready to film Galveston, Melanie Laurent had deep conversations with Ben Foster and Elle Fanning. The director notes that both actors were heavily involved in the production process, stating that she and Foster went over every single detail of the Roy character so that Foster could really get into his character. As for Fanning, Laurent says that the actress relied more on instinct when crafting her Rocky character. Laurent went on to say that she and Fanning would have discussions on the set about how the Rocky character was feeling at a particular moment during the filming process to properly get the emotion across on the screen.

Melanie Laurent says that Galveston is a story that probably wasn't meant for her but, she believes that she was able to make the movie that she wanted through the collaboration process with Elle Fanning and Ben Foster. Laurent is also an actress, having starred in Inglourious Basterds and Beginners, and thinks that separating directing from writing is like having two "great loves." According to Laurent, acting is like a vacation while directing is like being a mother giving birth. She admits to being obsessed with every little detail while she's helming a project and never stops thinking about the movie until long after its complete.

Galveston opens in select theaters on October 19th and will also be available on VOD the same day. The film premiered at SXSW earlier this year and has been getting positive reviews. In addition to Ben Foster and Elle Fanning, the film also stars Lili Reinhart and Beau Bridges. Melanie Laurent directed Galveston from a script by Jim Hammett. The movie is produced by Tyler Davidson with his company Low Spark Films providing all of the financing and production services. The project was executive produced by Jean Doumanian, Patrick Daly, Kevin Flanigan, Dexter Braff, and Sean Thomas O'Brien. You can check out the first trailer for Galveston below, provided by the RJLE YouTube channel.

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