Back in February, 20th Century Fox pushed Gambit out of its October 7, 2016 release date, although the studio didn't issue a specific new date for the superhero movie. Production was scheduled to begin this spring, but today, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that shooting has been pushed back again. The report reveals that shooting will now begin sometime in late 2016, since the script is currently being rewritten.

Reid Carolin, the longtime writing and producing partner of Channing Tatum, has taken over the writing duties on this superhero spinoff. Joshua Zetumer (RoboCop) wrote the original script, but since very little is known about the story thus far, it isn't known how Reid Carolin will change the story. With the production being delayed once again, director Doug Liman, will move on to make another project, The Wall, for Amazon Studios.

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The screenplay for The Wall, by Dwain Worrell, was Amazon Studios' first script purchase, and it also landed on the Black List in 2014. The story follows a U.S. sniper and his spotter who are locked in an intense battle with an elite Iraqi sniper. Dwain Worrell wrote the script while he was teaching English in China, and was then told by a friend that Amazon Studios is accepting open script submissions. The Wall's production is on a much smaller scale, with the director expected to start shooting in late spring, before returning to start pre-production on Gambit.

Gambit was first introduced on the big screen in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Taylor Kitsch played the New Orleans-based Mutant. The superhero has the power to manipulate kinetic energy, and often uses playing cards against his victims, throwing them and turning them into tiny bombs mid-air. He is also known for fighting with his Bo staff.

Reid Carolin wrote both Magic Mike and last year's sequel Magic Mike XXL, along with the 2010 documentary Earth Made of Glass. He has also served as a producer on Channing Tatum's movies such as Stop Loss, 10 Years, White House Down and 22 Jump Street. Are you disappointed that the long-awaited Gambit will be delayed once again? We'll keep you posted with any updates on Gambit, so stay tuned.