Did you really think we were going to get through San Diego Comic-Con without some sort of mention of the Gambit movie? Didn't think so. Channing Tatum was at the event this year for Fox's Kingsman: The Golden Circle presentation and was asked a bit about the status of the project. Turns out, even though it sort of seems dead, it is very much alive. According to him, alive and very well.

Following the Kingsman 2 panel, Channing Tatum, who has been attached to play the card-throwing Cajun mutant Gambit for several years now, spoke with Comicbook.com and was asked about the X-Men spin-off. His answer was brief but clear. Gambit is happening and they are working on it currently.

"Yeah, of course. We're working on it right now."

Ever since Gambit was first announced, it has been through the ringer. Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman was attached and the movie seemed like it was close to getting made, but then Deadpool happened. That forced Fox to rethink some things and the Gambit movie got pushed to the side. Channing Tatum also spoke with CinemaBlend about it and, according to him, that is actually a very good thing. Deadpool and Logan have both opened up creative possibilities for the movie that didn't exist previously.

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"I think we got super, super lucky. I think a lot of setbacks, we'll look at them in hindsight as giant blessings. Because we were making it, [and] we're writing a movie right at the turn of a paradigm shift in movies. So we got lucky that we didn't just come out with ours, which I don't think was fully formed. It was a good idea. We were going in the right direction. And then we got to learn from two really beautifully different kinds of a complete paradigm shifts...like Logan and Deadpool, I mean, they knocked down a lot of doors for us to be able to do things that we wanted to do in the first place."

Fox is open to taking risks now. As they should be. Deadpool and Logan were not only wholly original in the comic book movie landscape, but they were massive hits with critics and at the box office. That has prompted them to make New Mutants, which is being described as a straight-up horror movie. Also, as we learned today, Legion creator Noah Hawley is working on a Doctor Doom movie. So if Gambit can learn a thing or two from those projects and do something a bit more original, the wait will have been worth it.

Doug Liman had to exit Gambit, so the project is currently in need of a director. Fox recently announced six release dates for mystery Marvel related movies; June 7, 2019, November 22, 2019, March 13, 2020, June 26, 2020, October 2, 2020, and March 5, 2021. Seems like a safe bet Gambit is going to fill one of those slots, based on these comments. Which date? That remains to be seen. We will be sure to keep you up to date as more information on the project is made available.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott