The future of the X-Men Movie Universe feels a little bit uncertain right now. Deadpool was very successful, and that corner of the series is moving full-steam ahead. But the main X-Men franchise is getting messier and messier, especially after X-Men: Apocalypse. Fox is going to be working on some more spinoffs to help keep the franchise moving forward, and even though there has been a massive delay, the Gambit movie appears to still be very much alive, and a part of the future for the X-Men franchise.

Producer Simon Kindberg recently gave a very brief update on the status of Channing Tatum's Gambit movie. During a quick interview on The Hashtag Show, Kindberg mentioned that he feels very strongly about the script for the movie, and that they are planning on shooting it at some point next year. Here is what Kindberg had to say.

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"We have a great script on that and hope to shoot that movie at the beginning of spring of next year."

Prior to the success of Deadpool and before the release of Apocalypse, the producers behind the current run of X-Men franchise movies, Kindberg being a big part of that, were developing several other projects for the future. One of these projects involved the Cajun mutant known as Gambit, and Channing Tatum essentially willed the project into existence. He had talked publically about how much he loved the character and how he would love to play Gambit. That apparently got the attention of Fox, and being that Tatum is a very bankable movie star, the project seemed to come together fairly quickly. But then the problems started to stack up fairly quickly.

The Gambit movie was originally scheduled for an October 2016 release date, but that is very far from a possibility now. The project originally had problems locking down a director, but eventually landed Edge of Tomorrow helmer Doug Liman to take on the movie. Liman seemed like a very good choice, but he also seems to have expensive tastes, and the movie would have very likely had a high production budget. Deadpool was much more well known as a character, and the movie made $781 million worldwide on a reported $58 million dollar budget. That makes Deadpool the highest grossing movie in the X-Men franchise overall, and made Fox likely rethink their future strategy a bit. That also probably contributed to the delays for Gambit.

Simon Kindberg has sort of become one of the biggest players behind the scenes for the X-Men franchise at Fox, and is also pretty much their chief voice in the press these days. So, if he is saying that the Gambit movie is going to film next spring, we should definitely lend some credibility to that. For now, Channing Tatum and Doug Liman are keeping themselves busy, and Fox is working on a lot of other X-Men franchise movies, like Deadpool 2, so we will have to wait and see if the Gambit movie ever actually becomes a reality.