Game of Thrones ended last summer. A lot of fans were not pleased with the way the hit HBO series came to a close and they complained loudly on social media. Fans wanted a different ending for the series, but ultimately have to be fine with the way things all worked out. Now, Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju is revealing what Tormund and Jon Snow might be up to now that their main adventure has come to a close.

Game of Thrones gave us one last look at Jon Snow as he headed north of The Wall with Tormund and the Free Folk. Ghost was also with him, which was one of the better parts of the final episode. So now what? What happens next? George R.R. Martin certainly isn't in any hurry to tell his side of the story, so Kristofer Hivju will have to do for now. Hivju had this to say about what Tormund and Snow are up to these days.

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"Jon is in a huge depression, so he needs Tormund to cheer him up, by the fire, warming each other. [Laughs] Tormund is pretty heartbroken himself, so maybe they can bond over that."

Killing your aunt, lover, and queen would probably do a number on one's head, so it's understandable that Jon Snow might be feeling more than a little depressed. Tormund, at the very least, will be supplying some extra warmth and humor for Snow, even though he's probably down too. Whatever the case may be, it's nice to know that they have each other in their time of need. Kristofer Hivju is perfectly fine with the way things turned out for Tormund. He explains.

"I gave everything to Tormund. I love the direction that the character went, with falling in love and becoming more of a comic relief buddy. He started out as an antagonist on the show and he ended up as a big bear."

In addition, Jon Snow will more than likely never see his family again, which means that Tormund and Ghost are really all he has. George R.R. Martin should really pick up a pen and scribble some more notes on a napkin for a new show idea featuring Tormund, Jon Snow, and Ghost. Or at least write a short story about where they all ended up after we last saw them. Martin kind of owes Game of Thrones fans at least that much after all of the criticisms over the last few seasons without his story.

Game of Thrones had to go on its own after it ran out of George Martin's storylines. He provided some notes as an outline, that were literally written on a napkin, and that was about it. Martin still promises to finish his version of events, though nobody is really holding their breath for that to happen any time soon. For now, we'll just have to imagine what Tormund, Jon Snow, and Ghost are up to. Sometimes the imagination is better than the way a TV show ends up anyway. The interview with Kristofer Hivju was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.

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