If you've watched NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers over the past two years, you'll likely have learned that host Seth Meyers is an unabashed Game of Thrones fan. The late night host has previously had author George R.R. Martin on as a guest, and last year, he put together a hilarious sketch with Kit Harington as Jon Snow attending a modern-day dinner party. Last night, the host welcomed Carice van Houten, who plays the Red Priestess Melisandre on the beloved HBO series, where they aired another hilarious Game of Thrones-themed sketch featuring Melisandre at a baby shower.

Much like the Jon Snow dinner party, this sketch features a number of references to Game of Thrones. When Melisandre is encouraged to tell a "funny story," she recounts the time she gave birth to a "shadow demon," that then proceeded to kill Renly Baratheon. Obviously, this isn't quite the most traditional baby shower story, as Melisandre tries awkwardly to make conversation. The sketch even addresses the Kit Harington/Jon Snow controversy, with Melisandre revealing that she has a "crush" on the former Night's Watch ranger, but that she isn't sure if he's alive or not.

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Last week, HBO released the first trailer for this upcoming season, which featured the faces of iconic and deceased characters such as Ned Stark (Sean Bean), Robb Stark (Richard Madden), Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley), Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington), whose faces in this wall are accompanied by some of their memorable lines of dialogue. The trailer ends with quite a shocking surprise, featuring the face of a character who was still alive at the end of last season, Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister, along with Sansa Stark (Maisie Williams), Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), Cersei Lanister (Lena Headey) and Jamie Lanister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)

There has been plenty of speculation that Melisandre may end up using her dark powers to bring the beloved Jon Snow back to life. The show's producers have insisted that he is dead ever since the Season 5 finale, but set photos have revealed the actor on the set in Ireland, although no details about his appearance were revealed. It's possible that he could have been shooting a scene where Jon Snow is buried, after his brutal death at the hands of his Night's Watch brothers, but we don't know for sure.

Some of the new characters debuting this season include Max von Sydow as the Three-Eyed Raven, Ian McShane in an unspecified role and Pilou Asbæk, who has been rumored to be playing Euron Greyjoy, the uncle of Alfie Allen's Theon Greyjoy. Richard E. Grant and Essie Davis are portraying members of a theater troupe who are putting on a play about famous figures in Westeros, with James Faulkner, Samantha Spiro and Rebecca Benson portraying the father, mother and sister of Samwell Tarly (John Bradley). Most recently, we reported that Spartacus: Vengeance star Joseph Naufahu has come aboard, rumored to be playing a Dothraki warrior. Take a look at this sketch below, and stay tuned for more updates on the highly-anticipated season of Game of Thrones, premiering Sunday, April 24 at 9 PM ET on HBO.