Even though Game of Thrones already has an impressive ensemble cast that includes quite a few actors, the hit HBO series is adding a whole lot more in the upcoming Season 6. We've heard that there will be up to at least 26 new characters. This is good for the show, because it means they can kill off quite a few at lighting speed. With shooting currently taking place in various parts of the world, we've already heard about a few of these new cast additions. And today, we learn of one more. It seems a Spartacus: Vengeance alum is coming aboard.

Game of Thrones Season 5 brought in quite a few new faces to make up for all the ones killed off in the previous four seasons. And this new run of episodes is following suite. So far, we've learned that Downton Abbey's James Faulkner will be making his first appearance as  Sam Tarly's father, Randyll when the HBO series reruns this spring. Pitch Perfect 2 star Freddie Stroma will play Sam's younger brother. Richard E. Grant and Essie Davis are also joining the fold, though their characters haven't been announced yet. And Ian McShane has an extended GOT cameo.

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The latest name being added to the roster in Game of Thrones Season 6 is Joseph Naufahu. His character hasn't been revealed. But he will be stepping in for a multiple episode arc. Because of his skin tone and muscle-bound physique, some speculate that he will be playing a Dothraki. An early casting breakdown actually contains a few characters that fit him perfectly.

"Qhogo and Akrat. They're seeking mixed ethnicity or other non-white actors for the roles. The successful young warriors need to be tall, confident, with swagger and linguistic bravado. It's noted that the actors will have to speak in a fictional language. I think it's safe to say that these are Dothraki. Also an unnamed Fierce Warrior. A tall man in 30's or 40's with a powerful physique."

It's possible that he could play either Qhogo or Akrat, as both are described in similar terms with no defining characteristics. These two are expected to be members of the Dothraki horde that descended upon Daenerys in the climax of the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale. An important note is that neither Qhogo or Akrat are the leaders of the khalasar. That character is suspected to be very important to Daenerys' continuing story arc in Game of Thrones Season 6. In the original books, Daenerys meets Khal Jhaqo, who leads the khalasar out in the Dothraki Sea.

This character hasn't been mentioned for the show thus far. There is a chance that Joseph Naufahu is playing Khal Jhaqo. It's also possible that this is the character that the casting breakdown refers to as a 'fierce warrior'. That would make him worthy of multiple episodes. Who do you think he might be playing?