With less than one month until the Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones, anticipation for these new episodes is higher than ever. HBO has only released one full trailer thus far, which debuted last month. But given how secretive the show has been leading up to this new season, it isn't known how much more footage will be released. While we wait for the next trailer, Entertainment Weekly has released six new photos, one of which gives us a better look at a brand new character, Max von Sydow's Three-Eyed Raven.

Max von Sydow joined the cast as the Three-Eyed Raven back in August, who trains young Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) to hone his "greensight," which allows him to see the past, present and future. Isaac Hempstead-Wright sat out all of Season 5, along with Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and Ellie Kendrick (Meera), since their story had caught up to the George R.R. Martin books by the end of Season 4. Unfortunately, we don't know much about what's coming next for Bran and the Raven, since George R.R. Martin's long-awaited sixth book has yet to be published. We do know that Bran Stark has gained greater control over his vision. This will allow the show to revisit some of the most iconic moments from the past five years and a glimpse at what lies ahead.

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We also get a new look at Maisie Williams' Arya Stark, who was blinded by Jaquen H'gar (Tom Wlaschiha), after killing Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie), a life she was not meant to take. We can see that Arya is still blind in this photo, struggling through the streets of Braavos. With the The House of Black and White leaving her character sightless for breaking the rules, actress Maisie Williams chose to suffer the same fate, using painful opaque contacts as opposed to having her eyes become a CGI effect in post. As you can see, the effect is quite startling.

Arya isn't the only female who is struggling. Another photo showcases Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen, who has become enslaved by the Dothraki warriors who found her at the end of Season 5. Daenerys will soon discover that this nomadic tribe has a set of rules for former wives of fallen clan leaders. And this does not bode well for the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. But they do not call her the Breaker of Chains for nothing.

In the third photo, we see Director Jeremy Podeswa working alongside Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister. While the pair seem happy on set, the same cannot be said of Jaime and his sister Cersei. Jamie retunes to Cersei at the beginning of Game of Thrones Season 6 with their daughter's dead body in tow. The pair must now work together to fight off the rise of the Faith Militant.

The next photo shows Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and Lord Varys (Conleth Hill) on the streets of Meereen, trying to keep this city together using Westeros-style politics. Their goal is to keep the city from once again falling into chaos. After Daenerys fled at the end of last season, Tyrion, Varys and Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) stayed behind to govern Meereen, while Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) and Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman) went off in search of Daenerys.

The final photo showcases Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), after they made their daring escape from Winterfell in the Season 5 finale. Now, they are trying to flee the forces of Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon). Will they manage to escape? We'll have to wait and see!

For fans who are worried that this new season will spoil the upcoming book The Winds of Winter, series creator David Benioff recently teased that this season is so "divergent" from George R.R. Martin's stories that fans will be equally surprised when the book is released. While we wait for more details on this highly-anticipated season, take a look at these new photos below. We'll be sure to keep you posted with more Game of Thrones updates as we get closer to the season premiere, so stay tuned.

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